Tour In Manu 6D / 5N – Kuntur Peru Travel Agency

Tour In Manu 6D / 5N – Kuntur Peru Travel Agency

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Duration 5D/4N Maximum Altitude
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In this way the clay lick soil may help protect the parrots from the toxins in the seeds that they eat. In summary the scientific evidence suggests Peruvian parrots do not eat soil for grit but they do consume soil that provides an important source of dietary sodium and helps neutralize the plant toxins in their diet. In this article I provide data on the seasonal patterns of clay lick use by parrots at Amazon Expedition. I then show how parrot “migrations,” breeding and diet maybe interacting to produce these seasonal changes in lick use in Amazon Expedition.

It encompasses one of the largest tracts of tropical forests inhabited world, Inside is recorded numerous world records of species of butterflies, birds and insects has the largest colpas Macaw planet, plus healthy population of many species of wildlife threatened or restricted distribution within the eco system savanna palm trees and related species as well as the largest chestnut forests of the country is protected.

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