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Kuntur Peru is a local licensed tour operator based in Cusco, the center of the tourism industry in Peru. Our experience in the tourism sector permits us to offer a variety of tours and trekking activities which includes the famous Inca Trail , Alternative treks to Machu Picchu, as well as numerous tours throughout Peru.

Ruben Ricardo Huillca Nina, the owner of the company, was born and raised in Cusco, where he double-majored in ancient history and tourism/tour management at the university in Cusco. He fully utilized his degree as a tour guide and has accumulated over 10 years of experience with some of the premiere companies in Cusco.  With wealth of knowledge of the tourism industry under his belt, Ruben went on to start his own company, where he can continue to pursue his passion.

Kuntur Peru is a dedicated server to customizing trekking activities, tours in Cusco and to the famous Machu Picchu. We also organize trips with our partners to major destinations in Peru, so that we can provide the best services possible while supporting the local communities and protecting the environment. Adventure is our passion; and we would love for you to join us!

We are committed to

  • Give our customers an efficient, punctual, safe, and quality service, making sure your experience in Peru will be unforgettable.
  • Protect the environment for future generations, as embedded in our ancestral beliefs in nature force and mother earth.
  • Support the local indigenous community. Many of our staff members hail from local community as part of our career and socio-economic mobility programs.



Our tour guides are fully licensed, with college degrees in history, archaeology, or tourism/tour management, and have many years of experience in the field. Most tour guides began their careers as a porter which allowed them to learn the industry from the ground up and enabled them financial opportunity to further their education and advancement. They are enthusiastic and hard working adventurers who look forward to sharing their knowledge and beauty of the region.
Simply put – our porters are the backbone of our company. None of this is possible without them. Carrying everything on their backs, they are always the last to leave a campsite yet first to arrive. Ready to welcome the group with a perfectly pitched tent, warm tea, and a smile. Many of our porters hail from remote areas, far from Cusco. Your patronage helps us work with these villages, to ensure that while they are away on treks, they can rest assured that their families have all the tools they need and their children are given better opportunities for furthering their education.


One of our main objectives is to escort visitors to different destinations in Cusco and Peru guaranteeing the safety, tranquility, satisfaction, and happiness during the time of the trip. Only by this terms, we will ensure your experience to be a lifetime experience.
Your memorable experience during your holidays touring with Kuntur Peru is our mission.
Quality outstanding personalized service and tours, outdoor camp trips or jungle excursions at affordable rates.
Leader tour agency and operator in Cusco region contribute greatly to the development of the Tourism Sector.
We are very focused on increasing the quality of your experience and your expectation.
To continue offering a service of quality, that it does not have to be necessarily expensive, with a great human trained group and using a high standard and comfortable camping equipment.
To create for our visitors and in ourselves, respect and admiration towards the legacy of the Inca culture their philosophy, their respect and love to nature and reciprocity, motivating the interest to learn more about the Andean and Pre-Inca cultures and this would help and repel in their lives.
Exceeding expectations through effective, resourceful, caring service, while inspiring the highest level of trust.
Top guides for top clients, continual quality improvement our trips, updating qualification of our staff and guides.
The positive environment and social impact, “Leave No Trace”, environmentally sensitive company.
Emergency and Medical assistance line and operational offices 24h/7d.
Superb value for money in our all included packages, expeditions, treks, and tours.
100% operated by Kuntur Peru travel agency and guaranteed departures.
Create and generate job for our local community people who love and have passion in this work with effort and dedication to supporting their families for better life. The Peruvian government has never considered them in their plans of development. We feel this is an obligation and compromise for us.


Our travel programs, based on our experience, integrity, and experience; reflected and maintained, are the guaranty of your trip.
Safety first, our tour leaders, are integral to the safety for each trip.
Teamwork, good communication, and positive attitude.
Knowledge, professionalism, expertise and dedication.
Commitment to the culture and the society of the Andean world.
Opening new treks and routes to expand our alternative trips.
Easy online bookings and great shared in small group experiences.


Kuntur Peru is creating new ways to see, explore, and enjoy the experience of tours and trekking adventures.
By exploring the natural and cultural wealth that Peru offers.
By learning the culture and tradition.
By taking care the environment, promoting its importance in our lives, because we think that’s the only way to give back what we are taking from her (the mother earth), learning and taking this concept from your adventure or travel experience. Choosing Kuntur Peru, you are helping direct or indirect to children in communities, children who have little opportunities to get the proper education to understand what is best for life on earth.
Our tours and treks have been organized in a responsible way, sensitizing our staff to be aware of the environment upon which we are working, on minimizing the impact on local communities and their traditions, which is part of the most important cultural heritage that Peru has to offer visitors.


In today’s world, we all are concerned about the environment and care of nature, we understand the potential harm that can cause from taking groups through many of the delicate environments, natural areas and sanctuary parks on which we operate. We insist on a policy of “Leave no Trace” tourism.

Responsible tourism is not only about packing out rubbish at the campsites, but about treating local people with the respect that they deserve and helping to give a little something back to the communities, this is very important when it comes to employing people, particularly our porters, who are from mountain villages.
Our commitment to being one of Peru’s foremost responsible tour operators can be seen in the following areas:
Responsible tourism.
Social welfare.
Respect for the environment.


“Leave No Trace” Tourism

In today’s world, we all are concerned about the environment and care of nature, we understand the potential harm that can cause from taking groups through many of the delicate environments, natural areas and sanctuary parks on which we operate. We insist on a policy of «Leave no Trace» tourism.

  • We go to great lengths to ensure that we do not harm the areas we pass through and therefore help to promote responsible, sustainable tourism.
  • We put a lot of effort into informing our participants, both before and during their trip, about the impact they can have on a community and environment.
  • Kuntur Peru is an environmentally and socially friendly tour company, we focus on seriously taking care of and preserving our environment, keeping the trails clean and as undisturbed as possible to ensure the preservations of wild flora, fauna, and unique landscapes of Peru.
  • Peruvians and visitors from the world will be able to appreciate the essence of these historic and unique landscapes of Peru.
  • We do respect and follow the values and practices of low impact tourism, and we conduct all of our tours adhering to our strict responsible travel principles and request that you also do so.
  • The destinations we visit require a sustained commitment from our staff, and also our customers to protect our fragile communities, cultures, economies and environments and to benefit from the positive impacts of tourism.
  • Littering is banned on our treks, all rubbish and waste materials are transported out and disposed of in suitable facilities in the main towns.
  • We never bury waste along the route of the trail and certainly never dump rubbish behind a hedge.
  • Plastic water bottles may not be carried on the trail, only canteens are permitted, our travelers are encouraged to bring water purification tablets or water filters on the trek as this reduces the use of plastic bottles.
  • When campsites do not have proper flush toilets, we take a portable toilet and toilet tent.
    Only clean burning fuel (butane gas), is used for cooking has an incredible appreciation for the environment.
  • A member of our trekking crew will be in charged to pick up trash along the trail.



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