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“Welcome to Kuntur Peru! Kuntur Peru Travel Agency offers you the chance to awaken unfulfilled dreams, connect with yourself and explore five thousand years of living history. Travel through Peru and savor its exquisite food, enjoy its art and discover places where you can enjoy a time of peace and pleasure. Explore its countless natural wonders and the archaeological monuments of its ancient cultures. We invite you to travel and discover the Peru you still have not seen.”

Inca Trail Availability 2018

The maximum number of permits available on Inca Trail each day is 500, in which more than half of it is for the support staff, such as porters, cooks, and guides. It means that only 200 permits are allocated for tourists each day.

Whether or not you are thinking about Trekking the Inca Trail in 2018, it is recommended to secure your spots as soon as possible.


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